A Faith-Driven Franchise Opportunity

NEW Business Opportunity That Has Already Transformed 30+ Families!

Finally, a low overhead franchise opportunity (using other people's RV's) that allows you to be part of a community of like-minded business owners where faith, family, and fun drive everything! 

Meet Garr Russell

Chief Steward -  Firestarter

Garr has a track record of launching, expanding, and divesting several enterprises, guided by his faith-based principles. With a strong skill set in developing systems, streamlining processes, driving sales, executing effective marketing strategies, and leading teams to success, he has made significant contributions across various businesses. In 2016, Garr entered the RV market, quickly becoming a leading figure by founding the country's first RV rental management company.

Let the peace of God lead you...

That's how Garr ends all of his franchise interviews. He says that simple yet powerful statement above encouraging those that he invites to join the Fireside family to simply ask God if this is what He has for them. If you have God's peace, let's proceed! The entrepreneurial journey can be a wild ride with ups and downs, twist and turns. Garr believes God uses everything to grow us into the best we can be. Failure is not a word Garr likes to use. "You're either winning or learning" says Garr. 

  • ​If words like family, purpose, financial freedom and legacy get you excited, you may just have found your tribe...we call ourselves Firestarters!
  • ​​​​We have helped our franchisees scale to a fleet of 20  RV's in just a year without buying any RV's!
  • ​Achieve financial independence and break free from the constraints of a 9-5 job.
  • ​​​Join a community of like minded Christian entrepreneurs!
  • ​ Enjoy the flexibility of managing your business from the comfort of your home.
  • ​Create lifelong memories with your family, traveling in the very RVs you manage.

Who knows maybe God is calling you to partner with Garr and the rest of the Fireside family, let's find out together....

The Firestarter Mantra

Our Purpose, Passion, And Pursuit!